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The Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

In the grand theatre of oral hygiene, brushing, and flossing often take the leading roles. However, lurking in the backdrop is an unsung hero waiting

Dentist puts inhalation sedative mask on his patient.

Nitrous Oxide

Laughing Gas Nitrous Oxide is a sweet-smelling, non-irritating, colorless gas which you can breathe. Nitrous Oxide has been the primary means of sedation in dentistry for

Portrait of a beautiful woman brushing teeth

Home Care Instructions

After Cosmetic Dental Reconstruction Remember that it will take time to adjust to the feel of your new bite. When the bite is altered or

Denture scanning process.

Advanced Technology

Digital Imaging Dr. Narli chooses carefully which and when radiographs are taken. There are many guidelines that we follow. Radiographs allow us to see everything we

Young Woman Suffering From Terrible Strong Teeth Pain

Infection Control

Infection controls and universal precautions protect clients and staff alike. Everyone benefits from rigorous infection control — you, your dentist, and the dental team. The